A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Zombies and RVs is a 2D mashup of platforming and rogue like shooter elements!

Tear through the forest atop a fleet of RVs in your quest to get more gas for your generator!
Avoid falling off your vehicles as death surely awaits you at slower speeds.
Avoid hordes of zombies as you shoot your way to safety.
Upgrade your character after each successful run!

 - Hand-crafted random levels
 - Multiple player upgrades
 - Dynamic physics system
 - Music/audio tracks
 - Juice
 - Linux & Mac support (hopefully, untested)

 - WASD movement
 - Mouse aiming
 - Left click to shoot
 - R to reload

**Tools used:**
 - Unity
 - Audacity
 - FL Studio
 - Pyxel Edit

You can check up on some older GIFs and junk on my [Twitter]!


Fixed RVs clipping through terrain and getting stuck, fixed UI not scaling right on larger screens.

Fixed jumping not always responding.

Made platforming motion more reliable.

Fixed mouse moving outside of window.

Fixed survival probability not displaying as a percentage.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the provided file for your OS.

Run the application and enjoy!


ZombiesAndRVs_01.zip 17 MB
ZombiesAndRVsLinux_01.zip 38 MB
ZombiesAndRVsMac_01.zip 34 MB

Development log


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nice game, especially if you compare it to other zombie survival shit


güzel oyun 





I'll add it for post jam!